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Payment and delivery of goods Calculation for the goods.
Payment for goods by credit card VISA MasterCard
Payments - payment by credit card Visa / MasterCard via Internet
Payment for goods by plastic, credit card VISA MasterCard EuroCard in the on-line mode (via the Internet) accepts on-line payments on credit cards
1. Using our online store or by phone +972545827376 you choose the product you like.
2. Use the shopping cart to register and provide contact information and delivery options.
3. Pay for the goods through the secure terminal by credit card.
4. The product you have selected is reserved.
6. Our manager will contact you to clarify the order
7. At the time of receipt of the goods, you will receive a warranty card

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About security: Confidential information about your card number, CVV2 code and other details are sent to our site in an encrypted state. To exchange information with you, the industry standard SSL-encryption using persistent cryptography (key length 256 bits) is used. Further, in the encrypted state, it is transferred through the payment gateway to the bank processing center and is not available even for our personnel and users with administrator rights

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Payment by Western Union system It is necessary: - to come to any service point of the international money transfer system "Western Union" (Western Union) - it can be a bank, a branch of a bank or a post office. - fill in the form "Application for sending money", indicating in it the full name of the recipient of money, the country and city of receipt of the transfer; - to show the document proving the identity; - Deposit the transfer amount to the cashier and pay for the service at the current tariff; - receive a copy of the form where the Money Transfer Control Number is specified, - inform us: the sender's name, the sender's city, the amount of the money order and the Money Transfer Control Number. More information on the website of Westen Union

The calculation by MoneyGram system is 75 000 points of service, carrying out international money transfers in 170 countries of the world. MoneyGram provides its customers with a fast, reliable, convenient and inexpensive service. Millions of people around the world trust MoneyGram. Sending money? Read on the site MoneyGram

Calculation of the Contact system. You apply to any bank participating in the calculation of the CONTACT network in your city and choose the country, city and bank in which you need to present your ID. A bank employee will help you fill out the form and assign a unique number to the transfer. You deposit transfer amount and commission - about 3%, and no later than the next day we can receive your transfer.

Bank transaction. Payment for the ordered goods is carried out by direct transfer of funds to our bank account through banks
Payment instructions and other comments (sent to the buyer in the order email notification

CONTACT is the first domestic system of money transfers and payments without opening an account in the Russian Federation, near and far abroad. The organizer and settlement clearing center - JSCB "RUSSLAVBANK" (registered in 1990. General License No. 1073 issued by the Bank of Russia). A full list of CONTACT service points, through which money can be transferred.

Anelik® - international money transfers. 12 years on the money transfer market.

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EMS (express delivery service) Price: 50 $. Delivery speed: 5-8 working days.
EMS (guaranteed courier delivery around the world) is an urgent international delivery service provided by the postal service of Israel and another 200 countries. EMS guarantees delivery of the order within 2-8 working days to the main destinations around the world with the ability to follow the Internet for the location of the parcel.
All parcels EMS we insure
To learn more about EMS, visit the Israel Postal Service website:

Registered mail:
Price: 0 $ Delivery speed: 8-15 working days. Note: Upon receipt of the parcel, the customer must sign, confirming that the order was delivered. Please note that not all items are in stock and shipping may take some time. If you need an order by a certain date, please let us know so that we can contact you in case of delay.

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How to find out where your order is

We send all customers a notification of the shipment of the order, in which the parcel number for tracking it is indicated.
* A parcel sent via EMS can be tracked a day or two after