Buying jewelry, and mascots in the store

You can send an order through the shopping cart:

1. Select a product, to order, click on the "add to cart" or "buy" button.

2. You will see an order form if you want to continue the selection of goods, click the "go back to the store" button. Having added the necessary goods, check the order, if you agree with the availability of goods in your basket, click the "Checkout" button to continue placing your order.

3. If you are not authorized, enter your login and password in the proposed authorization form and click "OK". If you are not registered in our store, follow the link "Registration", filling out the suggested form, click "Ok".

4. Check if the delivery address is correct, if yes then click "Continue", if not, you can correct the address by clicking "Change address".
5. Select the payment method and click the "Continue" button.

6. Please double check the details of your order, if you have chosen a method of payment by bank transfer (for legal entities), specify the name of the organization and TIN in the proposed form fields. Click the "Checkout" button.

7. Your order will be processed in the near future, and our manager will contact you to confirm the order and clarify the address and time of delivery.
Also you can place an order by phone +972545827376, or send an order by E-Mail: