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Eye of Horus Symbol

The Eye of Horus is an amazing amulet, endowed with amazing properties, to heal diseases and protect against evil. According to legend, Horus, with his own eye, raised his father, the god Osiris. The Egyptians believed that there was a power in it that protected people from the manifestations of the other world. The jewelers of the site have created an exact copy of it, and now everyone can buy the eye of Horus at the most affordable price.

The Eye of Horus is very popular among the Egyptians as a powerful amulet having an ancient history, taking its beginnings in the times of the legendary pharaohs from the first dynasty. All the rulers of Egypt were considered the sons of Gore, and his image was not only a protective sign, but also a symbol of the royal power of the supreme ruler, so in those early days, to wear the amulet, you had to get a special permission from Pharaoh. The Eye of Ra had a deep sacred meaning, the essence of which lies in its ability to resurrect from the dead.

The charm is made in the form of a silver pendant, inside of which is placed the image of the eye of Ra, and around the circumference of the silver pendant are protective symbols. He was portrayed in magical formulas on the sarcophagi and walls of the pyramids with the hope that this sign would help the pharaoh to rise from the dead.

Many people want to buy the eye of Horus, to take advantage of the unique properties of this protective silver charm. He will protect his owner from the evil eye and damage, and, being an amulet of pharaohs, will bring wealth and prosperity.

Каталог товаров