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Flower of Life Symbol

The use of amulets is one of the most simple and ancient magical practices. Amulet is a subject endowed with mystical properties and charged with energy of a special kind. This energy can be an inherent property of an amulet initially (for example, many stones have their own energy) or it can be brought in by a magician from the outside (this process is called charging the amulet).

It is believed that amulets are worn on themselves, but the scope of amulets is not limited to this. In fact, they can be worn not only on the body or on clothing, but also to be kept at home, in private vehicles, around livestock. The action of the amulet is aimed at attracting certain energies to the field of its application in the general case. In particular cases, this means that the amulet can be used as a passive protection, as an object that brings good luck in certain undertakings. An amulet can also increase the sexual attractiveness of its carrier or contribute to the fact that on his life path will happen more situations that bring money. It all depends on what purpose and who created the amulet. Previously, it was magic that was forbidden by the church, but now you can buy the amulet without much difficulty.

Often, amulets use the power of sacred magical images, for example, the seals of King Solomon. So, the amulet can be a ring or a locket, where sacred signs are engraved. In this case, it is much easier to make or pick up an amulet that would solve the task, even if the task is very nontrivial and difficult: after all, combinations of magic symbols can fulfill almost any desire! Therefore, in particular, rune amulets are so popular. You can buy such an amulet (talisman), you can create it yourself: in some cases there will be enough sheet of paper on which the desired formula will be written.

Also, amulets can be figures made of stone, metal or wood. Such figures also symbolize what the owner of the amulet wants to bring into his life. For example, the Scandinavians wore a miniature hammer of the god Thor, who brought them protection from evil forces, just as Thor himself defeated the creation of evil.

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